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Featured Services
Bathing in Specialist Shampoo:
I only use the best products and believe in washing all my dogs twice to make sure that they are completely clean.
The shampoos that I use will always leave your dog clean and completely deodourised
I use 'wahl' products on your dog and a special tear free shampoo for the face.
WAHL Dirty Beastie Shampoo which we use at Woking Dog GroomersTo finish I use a conditioner to leave your dogs coat shiny and soft to the touch.
Blow Dry:
I always completely dry every dog that I groom before attempting to perform any cutting.
I do not use a cabin dryer and dry every dog by hand.
Styling and Cutting:
I can cut and style your dog to your exact specifications.
If you are looking for a pet trim, or a more traditional finish, I can cater for these needs.
Nail Trimming, Ear Cleaning and Anal Glands:
Nail Trimming, Ear Cleaning and Anal Glands are included in the price of your groom.
However, please note that some dogs can become stressed or uncooperative, if this happens I will not continue.
Hand Stripping:
Depending on the type of coat your dog has, I offer a full Hand Stripping service.  This is only applicable to certain breeds of dogs with a wirey coat.
Doggie Cologne:
I have a range of colognes for you to choose from.
By default I will use the well known, familiar Johnsons Baby Powder smell.
I have a selection of smellies available, please ask when booking.
The perfect finishing touch.
Groomers Talc Finishing Spray which we use at Woking Dog Groomers
New Services
Bath and Brush Out:
I offer a 'Bath and Brush Out' service between regular grooms to help keep your dog looking their best.
Regular grooming prevents serious matting and keeps the skin and coat healthy and shiny.  I advise scheduling regular appointments so that your dog may benefit from having a clean, trouble free coat.
The rates for a 'Bath and Brush Out' are typically about half the price of a full groom, please ask for more details.
Bath and Brush out at Woking Dog Groomers
Puppy Introductions:
For most new puppies a visit to the dog groomers can be quite a scary one. 
Your puppies first visit will last about an hour, and will involve being brushed, bathed and dried.  I will spend the hour ensuring that your puppy is familiar with their surroundings and that they are completely at ease.  You are, of course, welcome to stay and watch your puppy being groomed for the first time.
*Please note for the health and safety of my other dogs, I will not accept puppies that have not been vaccinated, and for this reason I will require proof of their vaccination.